We are creating a more inclusive and fair economy through equal opportunities and open communities, for all.

This Handbook's primary audience is Unit community & contributors, but it is publicly available for others who might find it useful. The goal is to give everyone in the network as much clarity and context as possible while sharing our structures and practices with the outside world as well.

This handbook is in perpetual beta and is constantly changing.

We've put this together so that there is alignment from all our stakeholders, and clarity for everyone involved, with the freedom to contribute and evolve the project.

How it works

The book is broken up into chapters and sub-chapters. The chapters are:

  1. Overview - In-depth explanation about Unit & token economy

  2. FAQ - read more about Unit ecosystem: general, investing & tokens

  3. Growth - Distribution strategy

  4. Projects

    • UnitChain - Unit Blockchain

    • Unit Network - Find out more about Unit Platform and what features Unit supports

    • Tokens - Tokens supported by Unit

  5. Community - learn how to get involved and build the future economy together

Unit Projects

  1. Unit.Network - The underlying platform that powers token economy

  2. UnitMasters.org - 6 weeks program for pioneering token economy

  3. UnitUniversity.com - Educational programs to support the growth of token economy adoption, sustainability, & innovation

  4. UnitConference.com - Community growth. Sharing and exchanging knowledge and ideas: hosting online and offline forums, conferences, city meetups

  5. Unit.News - Stories

  6. Unit.Ventures - A launchpad to provide support and financing to token industries, cities, ventures, early-stage cryptocurrency/blockchain startups