Our roadmap has several different parts. We are focused on continually building our communities. We are hiring and working with leaders in various cities and industries who understand and have connections within the local markets to grow, thrive, and maneuver around cultural differences and barriers, and set new trends in industries that traditionally have strong gatekeepers. We're also improving our technology, artificial intelligence layer, messaging interface, and blockchain layer. All are crucial to increase the UX, UI, and, most importantly, how our community interacts, works, transacts, and grows. The UNIT chain is powered by a Polkadot protocol, one of the most exciting breakthroughs to happen in the blockchain industry. By building on top of strong foundational technology and combining it with societal progress, and education on a cooperative economy, UNIT will be a pioneer in this movement.

How it Works

With low capital expenditure, we don't require to invest significantly and allocate funds for our growth. We benefit from developing transactions between providers and customers and raise $25 million to allocate towards our different city growth and various industry (marketplace) platforms to spur economic value creation for city and industry tokens.



Jan - Unit co-founders Michael and Paul started building first version of Unit under codename "Airmark" short for "Air Marketplace" whilst on a 2500km bike ride from Malaysia to Laos June - 1000 community members


October - Unit at ETH Waterloo Nov - Unit at Ethereum Devcon


Feb - Participated in ETH Denver March - Organised Afrikaburn camp Oct - Participated in ETH Berlin


May - HK Unit Conference Oct - LA Unconference Oct - Berlin Unconference Nov - HK Fintech week


Jan 2020 - Davos Unit Conference May 2020 - Global Unit Conference November 2020 - Launch of UNIT Masters 1


January 2021 Launch of Unit Masters 2

Feb 2021 Unit Sale Round 2 Complete

March 2021 Launch of Unit Masters 3 Unit Sale Round 3 Complete

April 2021 Unit Token Sale Round 4 Complete WUF - World Unit Forum - April 26

May 2021 Launch of Unit Masters 4 Unit Token Sale Round 5 Complete WEF - World Ethereum Forum - May 6 WPF - World Polkadot Forum - May 26

June 2021 WBF - World Bitcoin Forum - Jun 6 WTF - World Token Forum - Jun 26

July 2021 Launch of Unit Masters 5 WVRF - World VR Forum - July 6 WCF - World City Forum - July 26

August 2021

September 2021

Launch of Unit Masters 6

October 2021

November 2021

Launch of Unit Masters 7

December 2021


Launch of Industry tokens


Launch of City tokens