UNIT Token and Tokenomics

UNIT is the native token of the Unit Network and Ecosystem

Token Utility

  • UNIT powers the Unit Network and secures the Unit Network blockchain
  • Reserve token to purchase industry, city, agency, stable, project, personal, and other tokens
  • Runs operating nodes (gas fees for running nodes which go to network node operators and validators)
  • Can be traded via exchange or transferred/deposited/withdrawn
  • Used as collateral for Unit Vaults, allows for decentralized/wrapping of networks (upcoming)


Total Supply
100,000,000 UNIT
Token Distribution
66,000,000 UNIT
Operational Reserves
14,000,000 UNIT
Unit Core Team
20,000,000 UNIT

Users can Earn UNIT by

  • Providing liquidity to the UNIT-USDU liquidity pool by staking UNIT and USDU to receive 0.5% fee, which is split amongst all liquidity providers on all UNIT-USDU trades (perpetually)
  • Receiving 0.5% on exchange fees from the referrals (perpetually)

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