Unit Network is a layer 1 blockchain built using the Substrate framework by Polkadot/Web3 Foundation. It provides the technological and economic infrastructure for mainstream adoption of the Token Economy – a near-future in which millions of tokens fuel borderless economies to power the globe.

TOKEN CREATOR – Choose a name, supply and symbol to create a token. Camouflage the complexity, focus on what matters.

TOKEN TREASURY – Digital assets sent to the treasury set a tokens floor price and are only redeemable by the token holders.

DECENTRALISED EXCHANGE – Buy, sell or stake your tokens within Unit Network using our automated market maker (AMM).

UNIT VAULT – Deposit UNIT Tokens and take out loans with no expiry date, no interest and no margin calls.

UNIT Key Metrics

Sale Price
View on the Unit Network
Personal Allocation
Sale Start Time (UTC)
December 20th 2021, 11:00 AM UTC
Sale End Time (UTC)
December 22th 2021, 11:00 AM UTC
Current Sale
1 000 000 UNIT
Total Token Supply
100 000 000 UNIT

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The UNIT Token is only available to buy from a whitelisted wallet within the Unit Network platform. Please be sure to check the URL in your browser perfectly matches: https://www.unit.network/…

We are conscious of the phishing attempts which continue plague the wider crypto community and would strongly advise all users to be discerning of links. Unit team members will NEVER reach out privately to ask to purchase UNIT outside of the Unit Network.

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